10 Dangers of “Lean” – What you May Not Know

10 Dangers of “Lean” – What you May Not Know

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The Dangers of the Purple Drink

The Dangers of the Purple Drink

We can preach to you all day and yell, Don’t Drink this $#*!, but we know that’s not going to happen. However, what we can do is give you the info you need, so that you can make wise decisions about your health and your life.  What we know right now is that Lil Wayne is still in Cedar Sinai hospital in critical condition after suffering from a series of seizures, allegedly caused after over-dosing on Lean.  What you may not know is that this drink can be deadly, and/or cause serious health issues.    So before you partake in this or any drug, especially if you already have other health issues such as asthma or sleep apnea, get the facts first.   Here are 10 things you may not know about Lean:

  1. Codeine, one ingredient in “Lean” is an opiate similar to : Heroin, Morphine, Oxycontin or Vicodin.  We’ve coined Lean as, “Hip-Hop’s New Heroin”.  Not a good look by the way, if you’ve ever seen a heroin addict.
  2. Some of the biggest supporters of this drink seem to be the ones who have died at the mercy of this drink.  DJ Screw,  died of a codeine-promethazine-alcohol overdose in 2000.  Big Moe, a DJ Screw protégé, who rapped excessively about this drink died at age 33 in 2007, after suffering a heart attack one week earlier that left him in a coma. In 2007, Pimp C died from complications of Sleep Apnea after drinking Lean.
  3. Codeine is not as addictive as Heroin, but once addicted, the withdrawal symptoms mirror those of a Heroin addiction.
  4. Pimp C had a history of suffering from Sleep Apnea, a condition where you stop breathing while you are asleep. Pimp C drank Lean before going to sleep and when combined with his respiratory condition, is what killed him.
  5. The two active ingredients Codeine & Promethazine are Central Nervous System Depressants, meaning they both slow your breathing, which is why people feel that “good feeling” or that euphoria.  But sometimes it slows the system down so much that a person stops breathing and dies.
  6. Pimp C knew he had Sleep Apnea, but many people with Sleep Apnea don’t know they have it.  Sleep Apnea overwhelmingly affects African Americans.  This dangerous disease along with any type of drug, especially Lean, is a dangerous combination.
  7. The drink is called Lean because of the loss of control over your body. People affected by Lean tend to lean or slump over.
  8. April 2012 Schoolboy Q revealed that he quit sipping on Lean and is trying to get A$AP Rocky to follow his lead.  The duo created the popular hit, “Hands on the Wheel”.  Schoolboy Q said he quit after he drank some Lean and passed out, then woke up breathing heavily due to his complications with asthma:   “I don’t know if it was a near-death experience but it felt like I was about to die.  I’ve been going through withdrawals… It’s like somebody’s grabbing your stomach… and just holding it.”
  9. In a 2006 survey, 3.6 percent of 8th graders admitted to abusing cough medicine. High schoolers had even higher percentages – 5.3 percent among 10th graders and 5.5 percent of 12th graders.
  10. The drug can cause Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), which can be fatal. Symptoms may include fever, stiff muscles, confusion, abnormal thinking; fast or irregular heartbeat and sweating.

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  • Jonny P

    Fuck that lean us the shit

  • Sippi O

    Its time for us to open our eyes and see what these drugs are doing to us. Just because a rapper may promote it or say that its cool doesn’t mean it won’t kill you. May look cool now, but I bet heroin addicts use to be cool and look cool back then. Look at them now though! Do you want that to be you in the future? Fuck that lean stay clean! Inspiration for my youngones

    • Happy Meal

      Hole up, Mayne, I got too much lean in my cup ….”

  • Lean is dope nigga

  • jean420

    Fuck lean marijuana all day smoke my shit better than that lean shit.=]

    • jkjkjk

      yah bud

  • Lean can kill you and all these other drugs too children please don’t start drugs they can ruin your future you want to make money this requires going to school,college and making right dessions don’t ruin your life for drugs it’s not worth it one bit

  • Zac Hughes

    Just a reply to Jest… imma “Cartel Lord” per say, and the money is treating me well. I’m not telling kids, teenagers, or even adults to deal. But if you do, be smart and don’t involve anyone you love… shit gets real…. And so does the consequences.

  • Carlos Bermudez

    Zac why do you lie? My brother, Fernando Bermudez is a “Cartel Lord” as you said previously. I suggest you stop lying about who you are on the internet, you could really get yourself hurt. You never know who’s watching.


    • White is right

      Fuck you and your stupid spic brother, Fernando Bermudez! Both brown ass pussies!

      • White is right

        lol, silly white boy troll/hacker on my account!

      • lean is good for your health real shit i drinked four cups feel good

        • tori

          hence why you can’t use proper grammer

    • hahah

      Fuck you and your drug lord family, suck a pp. Haha

  • shanda

    Cartel lord…..right…stay in school kids so uou dont end up spending your time lying on the internet about being a drug lord

  • Darrell

    It not that bad just don’t drink too much

  • Fuck yahhhhh

  • You niggas lameeeeeeee just stop✋the bullshit ), you guys be actin like “lean”is all y’all life and shit please take that mentality of yo fuckin headd and grow some big Harry balls ☝️

  • Lop weee


  • McAllister

    Speaker Knockerz died from that shit doe

  • and the lean in the picture is definitely poison….lmao fuck qualitest

  • These rap stars need to quit drinking lean it’s a dangerous drug of choice!!

  • kysheanna

    Young thug please stop doing lean. I love you too death!! And if I ever hear that you died off of it I will cry and not talk to anyone no more!!!! PlzzzZzzz stooooop

  • BLVD Supply40

    You only die if you overdose, just don’t do too much and ur ok

  • Payge

    Well. Brian Silvia is a active lean drinker for told through his many under wear wearing vines & look at him. He’s one successful fellow. #sma #gratatatata #swagbitch #allheknowsislean

  • Special T

    JUST DONT DO TOO MUCH ??? Are you kiddin ? Under the influence, your judgment is altered. No alcoholic or addict makes a conscience decision to DO TOO MUCH !!! We have seen enough to know and believe that drugs and alcohol kill. It’s time to let it go !!!

  • tonton

    fuck yall i love my lean

  • DirtyRo

    Pimp C died this way imma die the same it aint the shit if it dnt kill.ya

  • Capo99

    DJ Screw, Big Hoe and Simp C were Southern “wannabe” rappers. I’m from the East Coast, where the real rappers reside. I’m glad them country fools are deceased. Southern rappers are clowns anyway. The West and East are where the real rappers are. I just hate that they were born in the first place. Fuck the South and Midwest we don’t need your bread.

  • I do that shit sometimes

  • Just jokin I don’t do that stuff!!

  • Lover boy

    Mcallister or however you spell it your wtong speaker knockerz got shot . Did not die cause of lean .

    • lover boy dumb af

      He did die from lean

  • People say that a drug is a drug. .. I TOTALLY disagree with this… I have never seen ANYTHING like opiates/heroin. .. Some say it’s not what you do, but how you do it… Now that saying is a FUCKING JOKE! Once addicted to ANY type of opiate, living, period, isn’t even an option. You will only exist, that is of course, if that shit or just living that lifestyle doesn’t kill you. There IS no balancing or controlling the who, what, when, where or why… The dope makes ALL of your decisions for you…example…. You are supposed to go and see your parent or even your child that is in the hospital,but you are dope sick. So you say, ok I will get some shit and go straight to see them. Well the dope man says he is on his way and it will only be 15 minutes, which turns into an hour. Then u have to go do it but you can’t find a vein… Once you finally find one, your needle clogs… Well I’m pretty sure that you can see where this is going… And it is EVERY situation, you will do absolutely NOTHING until the dope says you can. .

  • Ewill74

    @capo look nigga I hear you on the south n shit but don’t disrespect the Midwest the east coast haven’t held the game down since the 90’s so before you disrespect us how bout YALL make some noise in hip hop in the next 10 years

    • Huey Freedman

      Thank you Ewill74…But I also agree with everyone else that sayed not to drink it…Reason and example…I’m in middle school..I really am though..but anyways..my friend got in a fight with a kid and it was cause of some shit on Instagram…well the kid who punched my Nigga…was on lean…he couldn’t control himself cause he was high on weed

  • Harjot Bajwa

    Wow, I don’t see one reference to a scientific study about this. “The two active ingredients Codeine & Promethazine are Central Nervous System Depressants, meaning they both slow your breathing, which is why people feel that “good feeling” or that euphoria.” How about… no? The euphoric feeling associated with opiates, is due to a release of endorphins (your body’s natural pain killer), not from breathing slow. Before saying a relatively mild opiate can kill you (when smoking heroin cannot) you might want to check your facts.

    • alex

      who ever said smoking smack can’t kill?it’s actually easier to O.D from smoking as is from iv as u can stop inserting the plunger more if u push in slowly that is and wait few se s for brain to turn from diamorphine to morphine and if it’s enough just pull pin out if no blood in it use it when u come round if there’s blood could try ‘re cooking but that’s horrible reboiling your own blood to be reinsertes into u. Nice!!!! With smoking smack due to its slow onset peeps smoke it down quicker cos it’s not doing what they expected its called a creeper. !Smoking heroin will kill as easy as drinking too much lean, just slows your breathing that much you stop end of.

  • Chris Beatabitchbrown

    Lean is great. Just my opinion tho.

    • Will Montel

      heroin users and crack heads say the same thing

      • ConCon

        The deaths just aren’t there for lean though. Alcohol, heroin, and crack are way more dangerous. The few cases of people who do die from lean have other problems like sleep apnea or they mix it with other drugs like Alcohol. And, look at DJ Screw it says ” In addition to codeine, Valium and PCP were found in his blood.”

        (Also pretty hard to OD on crack, most people are dying from cocaine but they lump the deaths together)

  • Jacob Sugar Warford

    ima stick with my weed

    • Will Montel

      me too, I never drank lean but most likely I won’t ever try it just like heroin or coke and crack are my no no drugs 🙂

      • Justin

        Try Vicodin it’s nice, also mix it with alcohol and weed and your flying high.

  • deja

    I don’t think he was murdered I think he died off lean because that’s all he was drink .

    • aataylor

      he had a heart attack

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  • Triple_K_Hooligan

    *discoveres this a day after drinking expired codiene he found in the medicine cabinet*

  • El Salvador

    i know 6th graders who make this shit at lucnh

    • Justin

      It’s prob DXM no way a 6th grader can get their hands on prescription based cough syrup…..unless they have connections.

  • TheDodgyAlchemist

    but you don’t mention the amount of codeine they had in their drinks… just sayin

  • Justin

    Fuck this I’m gonna sip till I die, I’d rather die while smoking a blunt and sippin then getting ran over etc. fuxk that I’m only 13 and I have learned to accept death. Life’s better high

    • Quentin Keesee

      you retard kys

    • Blake

      hell yea