Over 59,000 Haitians Now Have 18 Months To Leave The United States...

Over 59,000 Haitians Now Have 18 Months To Leave The United States Thanks To President Trump

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The Trump administration has decided to end the temporary protected status for Haitians.  This TPS was granted by President Obama after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  The protection shielded Haitians from deportation, but now President Trump and  Homeland Security Secretary, Elaine Duke is giving these Haitian Immigrants 18 months to return to their poverty stricken homeland.

Elaine Duke has stated that the island of Haiti has had considerable improvements since 2010:

 “It was assessed overall that the extraordinary but temporary conditions that served as the basis of Haiti’s most recent designation has sufficiently improved such that they no longer prevent nationals of Haiti from returning safely.”

“Considerable Improvements” is a laughable phrase considering they are referring to the same Haiti that the Red Cross raised over $500 million in a Haitian relief effort, only for the world to question what happened to the funds.  The American Red Cross was not able to rebuild roads, schools and were only able to rebuild approximately six homes as of 2015. We discussed the disaster of the Haitian Relief effort briefly in this article.

Of course, this decision falls in line with Trump and his commitment to tighten restrictions on immigration within the United States.  Other immigrants who have been asked to pack their bags and go within 18 months are, the Sudanese and Nicaraguan immigrants.  South Sudanese and Honduran protection has been extended to 2019.

There are not many options immigrants can consider now, but the hope is they can return to their nations and be a part of rebuilding a strong, competitive nation that will not need the United States in order to prosper.

Source: Washington Post

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