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It goes all the way down in our DMs, we get tons of links every month from artists and fans sharing music. Tawana Tolbert hit us up in the DMs to share this fire from an artist by the name of Gxxdy, born in the DMV area, he now resides in Charleston, S.C..

Gxxdy’s “Live Fast” is a release from the EP No Gxxd Reason; and once the base line of Maze and Frankie Beverly’s “Happy Feelings” drops, Gxxdy does not disappoint.  We are talking about bars, lyrics and content people – bars/lyrics/content.  The track is a refreshing debut from what we are being forced to become accustomed to hearing in the industry – but don’t get it twisted, it’s still gritty enough for the OGs.

“When them shots miss me angels kiss me, i can hear my mama screamin whole up!”

According to Gxxdy, he encourages folks “Follow your dreams and take your brain with you…don’t let them cancel your shit”. This song is a good start to to our new year, make sure you check out the entire track below
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The State Hotline – To Volunteer or donate resources call 1-888-585-9643

American Red Cross – Needs volunteers, mostly at shelter locations around the state. For more info

American Red Cross Website – donate to the Tri-County Flood Recovery Fund

Trident United Way in partnership with The Post and Courier – set aside $100,000 to match dollar for dollar, any public donations up to $100,000

Trident United Way Text – $10 mobile donation to the Trident United Way by texting FLOOD to 27722

Trident United Way – send checks payable with Flood Recovery 2015 in the memo line, to: Flood Recovery 2015, Trident United Way, 6296 Rivers Ave., North Charleston, SC 29406

NewSpring Church – #FloodSCWithLove – link:

SC’s Minor League Baseball Teams – donate to the Palmetto Strong GoFundMe page

Salvation Army – 1-800-SAL-ARMY

United Way – For volunteers call 800-733-2767, to donate money go to, or text REDCROSS to 90999

Get Water to Columbia – On Facebook

Francis R Willis SPCA – on GoFundMe




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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and if you’re still mad at Chris Brown six years later then you are going to DESPISE the state of South Carolina! Chris Brown, since is violent incident with Rihanna back in 2009 has been trying to redeem himself. Six years later, Chris Brown seems to be a devoted and loving father, he’s been in some trouble but he’s has apologized publically many times for the assault, and he has served his time. There are people around the globe who aren’t yet ready to forgive the young talent, famous for such songs as “Look At Me Now” and “Kiss, Kiss”, Breezy has been going hard to win back the good grace of fans and some people that were never fans.

In Australia, they aren’t feeling Chris Brown either. According to CBS News, A group of activists have banned together to put a stop to his tour in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. But in rare Chris Brown fashion, he has decided to respond to the protesters by offering something a little different this time that doesn’t contain expletives. This time, young Breezy is offering a little – education. Chris Brown has declared via twitter, that he is willing to visit Australia to bring awareness to the domestic violence epidemic. Check out his tweets below:


No word yet on whether the protesters have decided to accept Brown’s offer, but I have to say, that was a good response Breezy.

On a more serious note, October is the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and living in South Carolina makes this a month of significant importance. South Carolina is ranked Number 1 in domestic violence related deaths. That’s right! WE have the highest rate of murders of females at the hands of men in the country! Check out some of the alarming statistics for the state of South Carolina:

  • More than 300 women have been murdered in this state during the last ten years
  • South Carolina has topped the domestic violence murder rate at least three times
  • The murder rate for women in South Carolina is more than double the National Average
  • Nationally, an average of three women are killed daily due to domestic violence
  • The Post & Courier reported that the national rates have fallen over the past two decades, however South Carolina rates have remained steady
  • South Carolina has 46 Animal Shelters but only 26 Domestic Violence Shelters

As a female from the state of South Carolina, these statistics have me worried and the sad part is that I can go on and on about the politicians and legislature here in South Carolina who tried to cut $400k from the budget back in 2012 which would be used for rape crisis and domestic violence centers, see this article for more details.

While the world seems to want to focus on holding Chris Brown’s nuts to the fire, our country is in a state of emergency and women are dying at a rate of three deaths per day, which continues to grow right here in my home state. During the month of October, I beg you to check on your fellow sisters, pray for the fallen mothers and daughters, and reflect, act and VOTE for leaders who are willing to take action on improving the lives of women in the state of South Carolina









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