Where is Beaufort S.C.’s Own, Candice Glover You Ask? Taking Over Broadway...

Where is Beaufort S.C.’s Own, Candice Glover You Ask? Taking Over Broadway & Forgetting About the Raw Deal She Was Handed

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What ever happened to one of our Carolina heroes, our black girl that rocked, our very own American Idol  – Candice Glover? We saw her win the title, however we did not see her career take off like Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, or Carrie Underwood?  We already know her voice is a force to be reckoned with, and she slayed season 12 of the show, so where’s the album and where is Candice?

From right around the corner, here in Beaufort, South Carolina, Candice beat out the best and brightest talent from around the country.  She killed every performance and we watched each episode knowing that in the end, she would take the crown!  When she won, folks hurried to preorder the album, just to make sure they showed support for this new, upcoming Idol.  This is where it was proven that record labels and management companies can make or break a career due to their carelessness.

In an interview with NBC News, Candice describes what happened:

“There was a communication issue, and so my album came out by accident, actually, and everybody that pre-ordered my album the night of my win, got a blank album to their phones — a complete blank album. iTunes made a statement and said that they never experienced that before and they were so sorry and everything. But with that being said, people missed out the opportunity to get my actual album when it did come out the following year. So my album came out and didn’t get a really big response.”
After this event, Candice stated she went in to seclusion and left social media.
Now at the age of 28 Candice is back and we are excited for her all over again.  In November, she debuted in a Broadway Christmas musical, “Home For the Holidays” – Candice has confessed that this new gig is “a blessing” and she is “having the time of her life.”
“It definitely feels like an accomplishment to finally make it to Broadway. People don’t really know, but the very next day after I won “American Idol” I was supposed to do it but I was feeling very down about that, because I really wanted to be on Broadway.”
In her interview with NBC, Candice sounds like she is back, and has regained her confidence after being disappointed by industry execs.  She can be proud because now she joins the ranks of Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Burrino, and Jordan Sparks who have all starred in various Broadway shows.
Although, Glover’s experience knocked her down, she didn’t stay down, and she has no hard feelings regarding the American Idol platform.  We are excited for what the future holds for this Carolina star!
Photo by Carol Rosegg

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