#BoyCottBreakfastClub & #BlackTransLivesMatter Face Off Today After Lil Duval Interview

#BoyCottBreakfastClub & #BlackTransLivesMatter Face Off Today After Lil Duval Interview

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There has been a downward spiraling debate ever since Friday when The Breakfast Club interviewed comedian, Lil Duval. Today, members of the Transgender community got to express their outrage directly at one of the members of The Breakfast Club, Charlemagne Tha God, during his Politican appearance with MSNBC in Pasedena, CA. Charlemagne was at Politicon to talk hip-hop and politics on the Democracy Village stage, when the panel endured protests by women screaming at the morning show host that, “Trans Lives Matter”. Check out this clip below:

Trans women and supporters across the internet have vowed to boycott The Breakfast Club because of the comments made by comedian, Lil Duval on Friday. Lil Duval was asked about being fooled into having sex with someone who did not reveal the fact that they were once a man. In the interview Lil Duval stated, “this might sound messed but, but i don’t care – she dying.” Charlemagne then responded, “no, that’s a hate crime, you can’t do that.” Though, The Breakfast Club did not condone violence against transgender people, for many, they morning show did not take a serious-enough stand against what Lil Duval had said. Check out parts 1 and 2 of the interview below.

Again, what we did see is that The Breakfast Club, at no time during this interview, condoned violence against transgender people. What we also saw however, was that the stance they chose when it was time to speak up against what Lil Duval said, was a weak one. We saw a conversation about the possibility of someone being murdered, mixed with giggles and jokes – this is when the laughs should have ceased. Had this been an interview with Sean Hannity where guests were jokingly mocking the killing of a black person, no one would think this was funny.

Right now many are calling for the firing of the Breakfast Club, they are asking people to call iHeartMedia, MTV, and Revolt in protest of the morning show.   Now, many believe some of this is tied to the hatred  many listeners have for the outspoken, gritty cohost, Charlemagne Tha God, but is firing the cast  asking too much? Are they going too far? It depends on your interpretation of the interview and if you believe The Breakfast Club really supports the murder of transgender people.

Right now, we support the transgender community and their issues with the Breakfast club, and in the meanwhile we will wait to see if the Breakfast Club gives themselves the Donkey of the Day. During these times, we have to remember to respect everyone and their differences, and when we don’t, we will face the consequences.

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