#BraidsByShia – Charlotte Hair Braider Uses Her Freshly Braided Mugshot To Promote...

#BraidsByShia – Charlotte Hair Braider Uses Her Freshly Braided Mugshot To Promote Braiding Business

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With so many people in the world making so many excuses regarding their businesses, their business plans and their motivation to promote and market themselves, its actually refreshing anytime you come across a person willing to do what it takes to be successful.  A Charlotte hair braider took (as they say in church) what the enemy meant for bad, and used it for good!

Every city has, what some may consider messy publications that love to publish mugshots of regular citizens who’ve been arrested.  This is something that has been controversial for years simply because a mugshot does not mean you’re guilty of anything, since you haven’t had a court date.  A mugshot simply means you’ve been accused and arrested for something.  These publications make money off of accusations, but enough about them.  Last week, a Charlotte website tweeted a mugshot of a young lady by the name of Shia Yearwood.  Shia was accused of some sort of misdemeanor violation and her image was published on social Twitter.

Now, most people would have been embarrassed, and some would have simply deactivated from social media.  However, Shia was about her business!  You see, in Shia’s mugshot photo, she had a hair full of beautiful box braids and unlike most mugshot photos, this hair braider’s photo was actually cute!  Instead of Shia being embarrassed by her photo, she took to social media and used that opportunity to promote her hair braiding business!

This is what you call taking lemons and making a lemonade stand. Because of Shia’s business sense and fearlessness, she now fans on social media, and hopefully a new influx of clientele.

#BlackTwitter aren’t the only ones impressed by Shia’s boldness, a news story caught wind of Shia’s twitter response and covered her story.

WBTV Charlotte website

What we appreciate most about Shia is her ability to be unbothered and turn a negative situation into a positive. The tweet publishing her mugshot photo was meant to embarrass her, but she handled it with humor, boldness, and a little savagery. If more people could learn to take their lemons, and make lemon drops, instead of making excuses and whining – the world and their mental health would be in a much better place. People make excuses all the time and often act like victims as a way to excuse not going hard for their businesses, their dreams, and themselves. Instead of Shia letting that tweet block her, she decided to own her $hit, our hope for her is that it pays off! Well done Shia, well done!

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