This one hurts.  Like, death is hard to talk about, but this one right here just – hurts.  On yesterday, we heard the shocking news that our leader, not just our Black Lives Matter leader, but our LEADER, Muhiyyidin lost his life in New Orleans.  At the age of 32, this beacon in our community is gone.  The New Orleans police have not been able to identify the murderer, nor have they found any suspects.  The sad realization that many of us are thinking, is that we may never find out what happened.

Yesterday, after finding out the news, it was pure disbelief – hell, even my mother couldn’t believe it and she had only met him a few times!  But, anyone who came in contact with Muhiyyidin knows that he was far too good for this earth – like really just genuinely good.  He was an activist, a leader, a planner, a doer (never just a talker – NEVER).  He was always planning, trying to figure out what the people of his community needed most.  He managed to get ME (the girl who ducks everybody; the girl who doesn’t want to come to your event, party, get-together)  – yup, he managed to get people like me to show up, get active, participate, and be a part of the conversation – time and time again.

We had a lot of wild moments under the leadership of Muhiyyidin, some funny, some serious, but all memorable.  Thank you Muhiyyidin aka, Moya for your leadership.  Your determination and drive to do good within the community and the world was genuine and that’s why so many people rocked with you.  I appreciate who you are and I thank you for the impact you made here in Charleston.  Now, you can really walk barefoot, beat your drum, and spend eternity in perfect peace.

Here are some great memories we got to have with Muhiyyidin:

(Honorable Mention) Leeds Avenue – Protests

July 14, 2016 – During the Michael Slager trial, a lot happened.  Protests continued and the people of Charleston spent a lot of time outside (and inside) of the jail on Leeds to send a message to Michael Slager and the North Charleston police department.  There was even one night some of the BLM protesters had been arrested and we were yet again, joining Muhiyyidin, in the lobby of the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center protesting their arrest.

5) Charleston/ NYC BLM Protests for Eric Garner

December 13, 2014 – This was the Black Lives Matter Protest, Marion Square, Downtown Charleston, SC. This was really at the start of his legacy and on this day,  Charleston joined in solidarity w/ the NYC protests for Eric Garner.

4) The Stomping Ground – North Charleston City Hall

Name someone other than Muhiyyidin who could bring every hip-hop artist, poet, creator, media personality, and politician within 100 mile radius and have them marching through the streets and shutting down North Charleston! Thank you Muhiyyidin – you will continue to be an inspiration!

3) Muhiyyidin and Students of College of Charleston

July 13, 2016 – Muhiyyidin and students from The College of Charleston organized a MASSIVE protest in Marian Spare, to send a message to the schools President in regards to the confederate flag!

2) This Is What Democracy Looks Like

April 8, 2015 – On this day, in protest of the murder of Walter Scott, Muhiyyidin organized a protest inside the walls of City Hall.  We LITERALLY turned North Charleston City upside down.  They didn’t know what to do with us!

1) Superheroes Do Exist

I remember riding down Calhoun street and having to stop for gas before heading over to the College of Charleston.  Rumors were flying that protesters would be showing up to speak out against Bree Newsome, the young woman that had climbed a flag pole to remove a conferate flag.  The plan was to protest their protest! While pumping gas, I began to hear sirens, police were racing through traffic down Calhoun towards the College.  I knew there was drama and figured a fight broke out.  The had blocked off the streets and wouldn’t allow anyone else near the college, so I decided to head home.  Before I could even get home, my the video is already all over Facebook!  I’m getting text and phone calls asking “did you see Muhiyyidin” !  This was a classic moment in Charleston Black history!  I probably watched that video twenty times, it was hilarious.

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Finding that special someone can sometimes be very challenging.  For singles who want to be in a relationship part of the issue becomes where to meet people and how to find love.  In a time where the Steve Harveys of the world write relationship books telling women how to get a man and give advice through letter submissions, Troy Spry has taken a different approach on teaching both men and women how to love.


“There is a lack of narrative about positive relationships and marriages and I want to help create a healthy outlook on marriage.  I’ve built a platform to make people better.  My mission is to first inspire people to become better people so that they can become better mates, which will foster an environment for better relationships and ultimately help build better communities,” says the certified relationship coach.

His focus is on dating and how to choose a good mate.  He wants to help people expand their social circle and choose more wisely in the beginning stages of dating.  For the married folks his motivation is to teach how to best love your mate through actions.

When asked how he got started and why he wants to have a platform centered around relationships,  Spry says even as a child he liked expressing himself, mainly through writing.  “When I was a kid I wrote poetry and would write poems for my friends to give to their girlfriends.”

Writing has helped him get through some of the toughest times of his life, including when his mother passed away when he was 27.  “My first blog was called ‘A Mother’s Love’ and it got a lot of feedback.”  From there he kept writing about what came natural to him, which was relationships.  Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, he naturally has an interest in human behavior and why people do what they do.

The response he got was so well received he decided to write a book about it.  “Teach Me How to Love” teaches people how to get out of their own way and make relationships work, whether its a potential relationship, new relationship, a long-term one, or a marriage.

So how does Troy bring people together outside of his writing?


He has what he refers to as conversation parties that were birthed from his Twitter lunchtime discussions.  He would ask a question and interact and converse with his followers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The response was great and a follower suggested doing it in person.  That’s exactly what he did.

In the spring of 2014 he hosted his first conversation party with both males and females, ages 22-40.  It’s an environment for like-minded people to have an open discussion about relationships in a comfortable environment.  The majority tend to be female but Troy says he makes it a point to recruit men so the atmosphere and conversation can be balanced.  “People who come to these events may be looking for answers but also may be looking to meet someone,” says the relationship coach.  The parties have a one-hour meet and greet where attendees can get to know one another followed by a 2-hour discussion led by Spry.  This year there will be guest speaker and Match Maker Julie Wadley to help host and facilitate.

The 2nd conversation party will be on Sunday, May 7, 2017 in Charlotte, NC.   For tickets to the event, called “Where is the Love?”: Click here

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A true Gemini, Monet Brown is a woman with many interests who pursues them all. From writing to makeup artistry she has many loves and is unapologetic about pursuing each of them. Having strong interpersonal skills Monet worked in corporate sales for over 5 years. After being laid off of what she though was a stable job she decided to pursue her true passion in the beauty industry. She has been a makeup artist for the past 5 years and in the summer of 2015 became a licensed esthetician. Her specialties include chemical peels, facials, waxing, and makeup application.

But it doesn’t end there. Wanting to utilize all of her talents and
not putting all of her eggs in one basket again, she uses her Bachelor’s degree in communications to write. She currently uses those talents towards her skin care/makeup blog as well as resume writing, biographies, and media kits.

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Saturday’s Women’s March Charleston Restored Hope for Thousands Here in the Lowcountry.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead’s #WomensMarchChs #WomensMarch

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Updated December 5, 2016

It was a total of 24 hours of deliberations over a four day period of back and forth between the jurors.  In today’s controversial conclusion of the case against Officer Michael Slager, the judge had no choice but to declare a mistrial.  As of Friday, we all witnessed the banter between the judge and the jury with a flutter of notes regarding one juror who refused to find any wrongdoing on behalf of Slager.  After a long weekend, court resumed and the jury again went back and forth, continuing to ask for clarification on certain charges and definitions related to the trial.

Approximately at 3:30 pm, the Judge concluded: “The jury has been unable to come to a unanimous decision “despite the best efforts they have been unable to come to a unanimous decision.  It’s a difficult task and its the way our system works, and it requires a unanimous decision.”


The prosecutor for the case added, “The statistics show that the next jury will look and have the same background as you all.  Maybe ya’ll can give us some insight on the next trial.”  -Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson

Scott’s mother, Judy Scott, said at a news conference after the mistrial was announced that she isn’t sad about the mistrial “because Jesus is on the inside. And I know that justice will be served, because the God that I serve, he’s able. He told me to wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and God, he is strengthening my heart. God is my strength, and I know without a doubt that he is a just God and injustice will not prevail.”

In the meantime, Charleston has to prepare for a rescheduling of this criminal case, a federal case that is scheduled for 2017, and the continuing saga and trial of terrorist, Dylann Roof.


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We truly feel like we would be doing a disservice to the community if we didnt let the people know that on June 19, 2015 – you can get your “Free Lunch”. No, this is not an actual free lunch, this is a lyrical and spiritual free lunch. A few weeks back, we were invited to a special listening session for the new album, and all I can say is that …. damnit! We got to get behind this – like now! Many of us from the Lowcountry, for whatever reason, are just catching wind of Benjamin Starr, but this artist has a unique sound that you simply will not find anywhere else. Born in the Lowcountry, its exciting to see an artist of this calibur. If you still love lyrics, content, wordplay and real messages but you appreciate moments of trap motivation laced with mixtures of consciousness- then THIS is what you need in your life. “Free Lunch” will be available June 19th for purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp and his website

Free Lunch Cover - Front

Free Lunch Cover-Back










Voted SC’s most “slept on” artist? Really? Y’all better #StayWoke – Just check out this new visual in this week’s edition of #RotationTuesday. I remeber when I heard THIS Devil’s Food Track, probably about a year ago and was like “Dayamm”, welp once again, Benjamin Starr will have you cussin…but only because ALLAH is so dope…enjoy!

Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion



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