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The 4th Annual Charleston Caribbean Jerk Festival is Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Riverfront Park in North Charleston from 4p to 11p.

The Charleston Caribbean Jerk Festival celebrates Caribbean food, culture, and music.

Caribbean food vendors from across the Southeast will compete for the title of Best Jerk Chef 2016!!7

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With June being the official month of Black Music Month, an aspiring music artist that goes by the name of Bahja Rodriguez from Atlanta, Georgia expresses her emotions through love songs. Bahja’s career began at the age of 12 as “Miss Beauty” in the group, the “OMG Girlz” along with the daughter of T.I. & Tiny. The group was successful with singles in 2013 and a few tours with other young artists. In March of 2015 the group disbanded. After the breakup of the group, Bahja decided to pursue a solo career of her own.

In April of 2015, Bahja released her first single entitled “Jealous Type” which gained over one million sound cloud streams. She went on to release two more songs entitled “Lipstick” and ” Next One” solidifying her position as a solo artist. 

Bahja continued to pursue her solo career by releasing two EP tapes “It Gets Better” on November 20, 2015 and “Luv”on November 25, 2016 which both charted high on Billboard and ITunes R&B charts. Bahja is currently working on her debut album which is set to be released in this year. She has also currently signed to her first record deal with “Street Sxholar Records”.

Check out one of our favorites from Bahja, “Next One”! AND, even though the month of June is coming to a close, keep supporting artists beyond Black Music Month!



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We are still celebrating Black Music month! A true Artist, soulful, consistent, and talented are some of the terms used to describe the Carolina legend, Marcus Allen. We had the priviledge of featuring Allen on the cover of Syllabus Magazine a few years ago. Since then, while others may come and go, Marcus Allen hasn’t missed a beat (pun intended)!

As we close out the last week of Black Music month, we gotta pay homage to the Carolina homey and continue to make sure we recognize all of the amazing talent out here, still bringing us this musical fire. Make sure you check out the visual for the song that’s been killing it on the radio, “No Lie”, and salute to Marcus Allen!

Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion

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Let’s face it! Everyday (as far as we’re concerned) is Black Music Month, but June is the official month that has been set aside to celebrate the contributions African-Americans have made in music.  In the forms of entertainment, innovation and the creation of music in this country, African-Americas are the trailblazers of this trillion dollar industry.  President Jimmy Carter first made the declaration for Black Music Month in 1979, and since then, the world has stood on its feet as the music industry continues to be carried by black pioneers and artists.

As we close out the month of June, we’ve been blessed with new music, movies, and documentaries.  The Tupac biopic kept people talking, Jay Z is blessing the world with “4:44” at the end of the month, and Sean Puffy Combs made “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” available on Apple Music yesterday.

As fans, we also have to commit to recognizing the new innovators, musicians and songwriters.  This week, we’ll be checking out the hottest visuals and sounds from the heart of the music industry – the underground. Today, peep the newest visual from 19-yr-old songwriter and singer, DKAYThe Artist.

DKAY is new to the scene but she already comes with receipts – including a cosign from artist Rico Love. DKAY caught the attention of Rico Love when she was picked as one of the contestants in his national singing and song writing competition, “We Love Music Songwriting Challenge“.  As one of the winners, DKAY will go on to compete with the nation’s best and brightest songwriters where they will be judged by industry hit-makers like Rico Love, Byran Michael Cox, DJ Envy, Trina and more!  Syllabus hopes to bring you more on DKAY soon but, in the meantime, join us in checking out DKAY’s newest single, “Sticks and Stones“!

Check back tomorrow to see who else we’re honoring during Black Music Month.

Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion

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“I walked around the music industry for a bunch of years, right? I saw a lot of rich people. I didn’t see wealthy.  I got into the tech industry, I see wealthy every day. The Snapchat CEO is 24 years old and a billionaire. How many billionaires do I have to walk around the music industry to find? I’m in Silicon Valley, I’m in L.A., I’m in Santa Monica, and I’m seeing billionaires all over the place. And they’re young. That’s not in the music industry.”

-Chamillionaire Interview with Vice, 2015


During the NCAA playoff, there were some folks who decided to take digs at rapper Chamillionaire.  The rapper was seen sitting court-side, and that’s when the internet went IN.  Many were wondering how the rapper was able to afford those seats because he, “hasn’t had a hit in years”. 


There are a few details about the world-wide web that we must remember: people are quick to judge, people are quick to throw shots, and people do not take the time to research.  What many don’t realize is not only did Chamillionaire have a successful run in the rap game, the young Houston native was smart enough to take what he learned in the music business and expand into other, very lucrative opportunities.

Chamillionaire did something that many of us have to train ourselves to do more often; that is, pay attention to what is going on around you.  Is your industry growing, changing, or evolving?  How about your city – what type of companies are moving and leaving your area?  Can you live the way you want by continuing to do what you do?  These questions and more are vital when making career and business moves, and these are the types of observations that Chamillionaire made when he decided to take the jump from the music industry into the tech industry.

In an interview with Vice, shortly after his hit, “Riding Dirty”, Chamillionaire began to dabble in the tech world. He began going to to tech conferences, mingling with venture capitalists, and making investments into other tech companies.  Chamillionaire then moved into advising for startups and investors.  In 2014 at the age of 35, he invested in an online video network, Maker Studios.  Maker was acquired by Disney for $500 million, with a promise to make another $450 million. Though Chamillionaire would not go into detail how much he made from that investment, he says that he, “expects to make way more doing this than what he did as a rapper.”

Chamillionaire has dreams of becoming a founder and spends his time, researching, learning, and soaking in the lessons of the venture capital world.  The rapper spent time among these billionaires, took up a residency within a venture capital firm so that he could learn more, sits in on meetings, takes notes, and uses what he learns to educate his rap counterparts and others.

Big Boi from Outkast was recently on The Breakfast Club Morning Show, proudly proclaiming how he, Kelly Rowland, Trey Songs, E40, Ceelo and many others have teamed up with Chamillionaire in an investment syndicate, where they buy parts of tech companies, wait for them to turn a profit or get bought, and make lots of money.

Chamillionaire has not only been smart about his business moves, but he has been quiet, strategic, and not afraid to share his wealth of knowledge with this friends in the industry.  So internet! Laugh all you want; in the meantime Chamillionaire is laughing all the way to the bank.

“When I was in Iraq, I was like, ‘OK, rap got me here.’ I’ll always keep that in my mind and realize that rap is what got me into this venture capital firm. Rap got me out of the hood. Rap got me out of Houston and helped me to see the world. But now that I’ve seen the world and I see so much, I’m just on this mission to let everybody else know—especially my peers in the music industry—about what’s happening over here.”


Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion



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The 4th Annual Charleston Caribbean Jerk Festival is Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Riverfront Park in North Charleston from 4p to 11p. The Charleston Caribbean...

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