Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Soundcloud just introduced “First On SoundCloud” to celebrate and promote CREATORS!  SoundCloud is the world’s largest audio platform, and is the place where most creators first share their content.  The “First On SoundCloud” promotion will highlight new talent in the fields of music and video/photography.  Not only are they featuring artists like Kehlani and Jay Prince, they are giving all creators an opportunity to be heard as well.  Using the hashtag #SCFirst, artists will get a chance to be featured on the playlist of SoundCloud’s homescreen – which gives global exposure to, brings in new fans, and will allow you got get more plays, and social media exposure.    Get all the details HERE, and good luck!

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Biggest Frustration as a Creator

We sat down with Scooda Sease, Jay Soul and BKiddo to discuss the very controversial question; should artists pay to perform?  Listen as they discuss very different sides to this question.  Also, stay tuned as they discuss solutions to some of the issues Creatives face within their local communities and within the music industry.

Read more about paying to perform...
What Does the INDUSTRY Say About Paying To Perform? Is it Normal Or Is It A Scam?

Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion

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It’s Women’s History Month and whats better than celebrating some of the culture’s most influential female hip-hop artist.  Well, it happened this past week in front of the world, on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries from New York’s 8th district, took time to honor these remarkable women of hiphop:

“Throughout the years, artists such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Bruce Springstein have been recognized on the floor of the House of Representatives. Today I rise to honor the top 10 female MC hip-hop collaborations of all time.”

The Congressman shouted out from number ten to number one, Eve, Monie Love, Missy Ellliott, Remy Ma, Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, Da Brat, Lady of Rage, Foxxy Brown, Lil Kim.  Along with these extraordinary MC’s he also gave a shout out to Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Salt and Peppa for shattering Hip-Hop’s glass ceiling.

In the words of Rep Hakeem Jeffries, “Celebrating Women’s history month, these dynamic women are worthy to be praised!”

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Recently, the promoters for SXSW issued a statement warning artists about ‘Pay-to-Play’ scams related to the 9 day music festival held in Austin, TX each year. If you haven’t heard, South By Southwest (SXSW) is one of the country’s biggest film, interactive media, and music festivals.  SXSW brings in over 2,000 performers from across the country, the performers have to be invited to perform at official SXSW events.  Performers must provide their own transportation and lodging, but they are given a cash payment for their performance and they are given access to all SXSW music events.

Not only, are they paid but there are over 57,000 fans in attendance; along with high-profile industry players who are asked to participate in forums and panel discussions.  Everyone from President Barack & Michelle Obama all the way to billionaire moguls like Diddy and Mark Cuban, have all been a part of SXSW panels.  The most elite people from record labels, magazines, the film industry, and tech attend this event-and provide artists a chance for once-in-a-lifetime exposure to real decision makers.

Michelle Obama @ SXSW

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Nick snapped! Just in case you haven’t heard by now; you have to go and check out this latest track from Carolina’s own Nick Grant. Nick is a lyricist, and he honors his talent by laying his finely crafted bars atop of a classic Lauryn Hill track. In “Forever and Always” Nick gives us a little grit and grime, but also leaves us satisfied with some classic hip-hop BARS.

Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion



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#SCFirst Soundcloud just introduced "First On SoundCloud" to celebrate and promote CREATORS!  SoundCloud is the world's largest audio platform, and is the place where most...


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