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For too long hip-hop has been in love with a stripper. It’s been decades that hip-hop didn’t love these hoes. It’s been far too long that hip-hop never chased a bitch. It appears as if we are finally entering into an era where hip-hop isn’t afraid of talking about real love. Of course we’ve had rappers like Common, who’s made plenty of hip-hop music expressing his love and appreciation for women, but rappers like Common were few and far for most of the hip-hop era.

However, now it seems like love is in the air; and not only love, but commitment; which was never a common theme in hip-hop.  Today, there seems to be a meeting of the minds when it comes to couples, marriage and love. With stories like Remy and Papoose, a man that waited six years for his wife to return home from prison. To Keyshia Ka’Oir and Gucci Mane, a woman who also waited for her man to return home from behind bars; and not only did she wait but she took a bag, flipped it, and tumbled it. 444 was one of the biggest albums of 2017, and it was Jay Z’s declaration to Beyonce of how he almost lost her, and the mistakes he made as a man.  Now, we have Offset and Cardi B, hip-hop’s young prince and princess, who recently displayed their love for each other when Offset proposed to Cardi B in front of thousands at a recent concert.

At one point we thought that Reverend Run was the only happily married man in the genre, but we have now reached an era where rappers are not ashamed to say they’re in love. Rappers seem to be basking in the joy of having one woman and declaring themselves as a one-woman-man. Hip-Hoppers seem to be enjoying having that beautiful woman they can show off by their side.  And I say, “bout time”!

It’s about time that the genre grows up! Now don’t get me wrong, we are always going to have the misogynistic lyrical content that has plagued the hip-hop genre for generations.  We are always going to have those men who swear that machismo means not giving a f*ck about a girl, but let’s celebrate the A-list rappers who are not ashamed to show love; not ashamed to commit themselves to that one woman. So has hip hop evolved? Have we reached a point where hip hop has finally matured? Well, we can’t celebrate just yet.  I don’t believe that long gone are the days when women are believed to be useful for nothing else besides being the objects of sexual desires of a male hip-hop star. But, let’s celebrate these wins; let’s celebrate that some of the biggest rap stars of this current era are men who are successful, in love, and not afraid to let the world know.

For too long the disrespect of women in the hip-hop culture has influenced an entire generation of young men.   While our generation has bopped to being “in love with a stripper” and “women ain shit but hoes and tricks”, its high time that women are placed on a pedestal – especially since, black women have been some of the biggest supporters of the hip-hop genre. With the help of artists like Jay-Z and 2 Chainz, there’s a chance to influence a new generation of hip-hop fans about the regard for women. For this, I say we should be happy that hip-hop is maturing as rappers have matured, and as the industry matures. I mean Jay-Z was the guy that said he had, “99 problems but a bitch ain’t one” back in 2003. Obviously from the sounds of the 444 album, his problems with Beyonce were placed on center stage for the world to see, and it was a beautiful thing. (I’m not saying Beyonce’s a bitch, but you know what I mean). We are now at a point where women are actually being celebrated. They’re calling black women Queens, they’re being called wives.  There are even conversations now questioning whether or not the black woman is God?  Now although I may not agree with all of this, I appreciate the fact that there are some men who want to put us on the level of God – even though we ain’t quite there.

So let’s enjoy seeing Chance the Rapper spend time with the mother of his child and their daughter. Let’s celebrate J Cole and his college sweetheart, and the fact that they’re still together. Instead of being so bitter when we see Kendrick Lamar and his high-school sweetheart, let’s share the story of how she not only sang the background vocals on a few of his songs, but how she has supported his dream since they were children! Let’s share these stories, let’s celebrate the real love and hip-hop.




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Instagram user Terrance Sims (@simsstrong) posted a music video telling everyone to go and check out his students’ first music video.  These young ladies are rapping about education and positivity in their debut track titled, “Excellence First”- and they got bars for days!  If you thought First Day Out was hot, then you’re gonna love this fire! Check it out below!

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BET hosted another long-awaited Hip-Hop Award show last night. While Cardi B won “Best New Artist”, Kendrick took home the “Album of the Year” award, and of course DJ Khalid won “Best Collaboration” with his hit Wild Thoughts, featuring Rihanna; let’s just skip the remaining details for now and get right to the BET cyphers  – since those seem to be the highlight each year.

While Rapsody, Tokyo Jetz, Kash Doll, and Leikeli47’s delivered a mean cypher representing the ladies, the cyphers were filled with political punchlines and phrases letting the world know that hip-hop is paying close attention to the political climate in this country.  CyHi, Fat Joe and Belly’s presentation was only the beginning of punches thrown at our President.  There was one cypher fans had been anticipating all night that kept music lovers on the edge of their seats – the return of Eminem.  Marshall Mathers, one of the most unpredictable MC’s in hip-hop graced the BET cypher last night and by the time he spit his last bar – Twitter was in shambles.  Eminem came out with guns blazing and delivered a hip-hop kamikaze to Donald Trump; and we LIVED for every bar!

Racism’s the only thing he’s Fantastic Four

Cause that’s how he get’s his fuckin rocks off , cause he’s orange

Yeah , sick tan.  That’s why he wants us to disband,

cause he can not withstand

the fact we’re not afraid of Trump. 

Fuck walking on egg shells, I came to Stomp

That’s why he keeps screaming drain the swamp

cause he’s in quicksand

It’s like we take a step forward then backwards

but this is his form of distraction

plus he gets an enormous reaction

When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that and

Instead of talking Puerto Rico or Gun reform for Nevada

All these horrible tragedies and these *sic* would rather

Twitter storm with the Packers….

That first part was just a warm-up.  Eminem continued spitting nothing but hardcore facts:


Same shit that he tormented Hillary for 

and he slandered , then does it more

From his endorsement of Bannon

support for the Klansmen

Tiki torches in hand

From the soldier that’s black 

and comes home from Iraq

and still gets told to go back 

to Africa.  Fork and a daggar

and his racist 94 year old grandpa

keeps ignoring our past, historical, deplorable factors

He continued on with his war of words to discuss how Trump looks at black athletes as if they’re spoiled brats, trying to use their platforms and stature to speak out against the unarmed killing of black men and women.  Em also recognized Trump’s hypocrisy mentioning McCain being a POW and how Trump stated,  “doesn’t like his war-heroes captured. – THAT’S NOT DISRESPECTING THE MILITARY!

Slim Shady’s ended his four and a half minute lyrical marathon by sending shots to any of his fans who may be supporters of Donald Trump:

Any any fan of mine,

who’s a supporter of his

I’m drawing in the sand a line

You’re either For or Against

And if you can’t decide

who you like more in your split

on who you should stand beside

I’ll do it for you with this…

Fuck You


Eminem’s closing words on his 2017 cypher was that “we love our military, we love our country – but we HATE TRUMP”!

See Eminem’s Cypher in its entirety here:

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As Bun B spoke with Rickey Smiley during his morning show interview, regarding the need for people of color to help our own communities during disasters, he emphasized how important is was for people to take the bull by the horns and work together take on the needs or our own communities – especially during disasters.  Bun B, stated “these are the communities that are forgotten about any other time, so what makes you think they are going to be remembered during a disaster.”

As we look back at catastrophic events like Katrina, or the  2010 earthquake in Haiti, from poor neighborhoods to poor countries, many of these places still have not been rebuilt.  Though organizations have raised billions to rebuild, many poor communities are left untouched and remain in dire conditions.

However, there is hope.  We are starting to see a shift, especially with celebs who are speaking out about where they intend to donate their dollars.  Rapper TI blatantly responded to Kevin Hart’s Hurricane Harvey Challenge, that he was willing to donate $25,000 but he would not be giving it to the American Red Cross.  Tyler Perry also was eager to give, but was hesitant regarding where he should send his funds.  In a Facebook post Perry stated, I’ve given millions of dollars to charities in the past that never got to the people it was meant for. I know lots of people want to give and help but be careful. You really need to know how much of your donations actually get to the people before you choose an organization to give to.”

Even in a society where we often view people as self-centered, we all still have a beautiful human instinct that forges us together during a time of need. However, our natural hesitance towards giving to large, sometimes greedy, non-profit businesses is not without merit.

In 2010, the American Red Cross raised over a half-billion dollars for relief to Haiti, and by 2016 when the country dealt with another natural disaster, Hurricane Mathew, Haiti still had not recovered from the Earth quake of 2010.

In 2016, The Washington Post published an article titled, “Haitians are desperate for help. But they don’t want it from the American Red Cross”, in this article they discussed how NPR and ProPublica launched an investigation that discovered, despite collecting nearly a half-billion dollars in donations, the Red Cross managed to construct only SIX permanent homes. Six!

Many locals believe that large organizations, especially American organizations, do not care about people, especially people located in some of the more remote parts of Haiti.

Credit: The United Nations

Woy Magazine
, a popular Haitian publication urged outsiders to send aid to local organization, and bypass foreign relief agencies like the Red Cross.  Cleve Mesidor, a Haitian American and former Director of Public Affairs at the U.S. Commerce Department stated,

“I do not recommend contributing to non-Haitian entities.  This includes those U.S. organizations who claim to be ‘locally managed’, which is code for powerless figurehead.  Most of these entities are based in big cities like Port au Price , which are not located near the affected neighborhoods.  These non-Haitian organizations will likely use your funding to resource their non-Haitian teams for the long trip to the affected communities (SUV, gas, etc) and set up camp.  They will likely need to find accommodations for themselves (place to stay, maid to cook their food, etc) while ‘tent-cities’ pop up for locals.

Andy Loaroche, another Haitian-American says if you really want to fuel the Haitian economy, you should visit.  They have an amazing culture, beautiful resorts, and amazing food and delicacies.

The tragedies of Haiti, even our own tragedies right here in America after Katrina, are causing people to become more aware of where these funds are going.  The goal is to avoid putting money into the pockets of millionaires disguised as aid organizations.  Instead, people are on a mission to get the money directly to the people in need; and get it to them as fast as possible.

Last week, the Hand in Hand telethon raised $44 million dollars for victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Through small, local donations and large corporate giving, the proceeds will benefit organizations that already have boots on the ground in Texas and surrounding areas.  These organizations include: Rebuild Texas Fund, ASPCA, Best Friends, Direct Relief, Feeding Florida, Feeding Texas, Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children, and United Way.  Hand in Hand organizers are also evaluating the need for funds within the communities affected by the Hurricane.

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

The amazing Hand in Hand event all started with Houston rapper, Bun B sitting in his comfortable home wishing there was more he could do, as he watched his neighbors within surrounding communities suffer at the plight of the floods.  He did what anyone in his position would do (or wish they could do), he called up one of the biggest stars in the world.  With almost 100 million Instagram followers and 100 million followers on Twitter, he reached out to Justin Bieber.  Bun B knew that he needed to get a celeb on board; but not just any celeb.  He needed one that could get the word out about getting help for the city, faster than anyone, while simultaneously capturing a broad audience.  Well, the Bible says, “you have not because you ask not”, and guess what – a simple ask turned into a major television event.  Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun was all in.  Bun B stated, “God bless Scooter for wanting to be involved – putting in his own time and getting others to contribute their services and resources for free.”

#HandInHand telethon producers #BunB & #ScooterBraun at the benefit for relief 🙏🏾#HurricaneHarvey & #HurricaneIrma

A post shared by 97.9 The Box🤘🏽 (@979thebox) on

Finishing his radio interview with Rickey Smiley, Bun B said he never expected that his idea and his genuine need to help, would bring out the biggest stars in the world.  The Houston rapper continued to emphasize that perhaps people cannot bring out the biggest stars in the world, but what most of us can do is take control of what goes on within our own communities.  Because poor people are often the most forgotten when it comes to devasting events like Hurricane Harvey, it is time to stop relying on the government and become the boots on the ground.  Bun explains that he’s from Houston; he’s not an outsider sent from the government in town for a few weeks to check things out.  He knows exactly what areas have the most flooding and what areas are really the most affected.  He’s excited that they have the funds available and the knowledge to be able to go directly to these areas and provide assistance quickly – this is definitely a new blue print for disaster assistance.

Most of us cannot pick up a phone and call the biggest celeb in the world, but when disaster hits your community, many of us can call our colleagues to travel out to areas within our own communities to see how we can help.   We are from these communities, so it is easier for us to assess where the greatest needs are, and if the government won’t protect us, its up to us to do the work.

It’s not too late to help Houston.  You can still donate to the Hand in Hand organization Here.

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The 4th Annual Charleston Caribbean Jerk Festival is Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Riverfront Park in North Charleston from 4p to 11p.

The Charleston Caribbean Jerk Festival celebrates Caribbean food, culture, and music.

Caribbean food vendors from across the Southeast will compete for the title of Best Jerk Chef 2016!!7

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