This one hurts.  Like, death is hard to talk about, but this one right here just – hurts.  On yesterday, we heard the shocking news that our leader, not just our Black Lives Matter leader, but our LEADER, Muhiyyidin lost his life in New Orleans.  At the age of 32, this beacon in our community is gone.  The New Orleans police have not been able to identify the murderer, nor have they found any suspects.  The sad realization that many of us are thinking, is that we may never find out what happened.

Yesterday, after finding out the news, it was pure disbelief – hell, even my mother couldn’t believe it and she had only met him a few times!  But, anyone who came in contact with Muhiyyidin knows that he was far too good for this earth – like really just genuinely good.  He was an activist, a leader, a planner, a doer (never just a talker – NEVER).  He was always planning, trying to figure out what the people of his community needed most.  He managed to get ME (the girl who ducks everybody; the girl who doesn’t want to come to your event, party, get-together)  – yup, he managed to get people like me to show up, get active, participate, and be a part of the conversation – time and time again.

We had a lot of wild moments under the leadership of Muhiyyidin, some funny, some serious, but all memorable.  Thank you Muhiyyidin aka, Moya for your leadership.  Your determination and drive to do good within the community and the world was genuine and that’s why so many people rocked with you.  I appreciate who you are and I thank you for the impact you made here in Charleston.  Now, you can really walk barefoot, beat your drum, and spend eternity in perfect peace.

Here are some great memories we got to have with Muhiyyidin:

(Honorable Mention) Leeds Avenue – Protests

July 14, 2016 – During the Michael Slager trial, a lot happened.  Protests continued and the people of Charleston spent a lot of time outside (and inside) of the jail on Leeds to send a message to Michael Slager and the North Charleston police department.  There was even one night some of the BLM protesters had been arrested and we were yet again, joining Muhiyyidin, in the lobby of the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center protesting their arrest.

5) Charleston/ NYC BLM Protests for Eric Garner

December 13, 2014 – This was the Black Lives Matter Protest, Marion Square, Downtown Charleston, SC. This was really at the start of his legacy and on this day,  Charleston joined in solidarity w/ the NYC protests for Eric Garner.

4) The Stomping Ground – North Charleston City Hall

Name someone other than Muhiyyidin who could bring every hip-hop artist, poet, creator, media personality, and politician within 100 mile radius and have them marching through the streets and shutting down North Charleston! Thank you Muhiyyidin – you will continue to be an inspiration!

3) Muhiyyidin and Students of College of Charleston

July 13, 2016 – Muhiyyidin and students from The College of Charleston organized a MASSIVE protest in Marian Spare, to send a message to the schools President in regards to the confederate flag!

2) This Is What Democracy Looks Like

April 8, 2015 – On this day, in protest of the murder of Walter Scott, Muhiyyidin organized a protest inside the walls of City Hall.  We LITERALLY turned North Charleston City upside down.  They didn’t know what to do with us!

1) Superheroes Do Exist

I remember riding down Calhoun street and having to stop for gas before heading over to the College of Charleston.  Rumors were flying that protesters would be showing up to speak out against Bree Newsome, the young woman that had climbed a flag pole to remove a conferate flag.  The plan was to protest their protest! While pumping gas, I began to hear sirens, police were racing through traffic down Calhoun towards the College.  I knew there was drama and figured a fight broke out.  The had blocked off the streets and wouldn’t allow anyone else near the college, so I decided to head home.  Before I could even get home, my the video is already all over Facebook!  I’m getting text and phone calls asking “did you see Muhiyyidin” !  This was a classic moment in Charleston Black history!  I probably watched that video twenty times, it was hilarious.

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We have an important political season in front of us this year; midterm elections are predicted to be brutal with the balance of power up for grabs in many precincts.  This interesting season in politics will have Republicans answering for some of their current policies, which will make it difficult to convince some much-needed swing voters.  Democrats in turn, will have to also answer for their failures and internal fighting as they recover from the last election.   What we do not want to see however, is the same names and faces we see year to year, running for the same positions. We are not interested in seeing the same people getting elected every year, that haven’t been able to get much done within our communities. Because of the difficulty that comes along with casting your vote for ‘right person’, it is really amazing to see Luvii Ajayi and three of her friends,  Sili Recio, Lucrecer Braxton and Candace Jones band together to create a listing of black women who are running for political office in 2018.  Ajayi came up with the idea after realizing how black women came to the polls in support of Doug Jones in Alabama; she stated,

“The day after the Alabama elections between Roy Moore and Doug Jones, America got one more confirmation that Black women are superheros who save the day time and time again. 96% of Black women who voted showed up to vote for Doug Jones, who wasn’t even someone we loved. We just chose to partake in harm reduction so the proven pedophile, Roy Moore, who was endorsed by Mango Mussolini, would not win. Their votes made all the difference, as 63% of white women showed up to vote for the devil.”

Why is it important to have a listing of black, female candidates running for office? Let’s face it, if black women can come together to defeat a candidate, who would have won without their votes, then we can come together to make sure we have the same power electing our fellow sisters in office. Look at the current state of America – just look at it!  There are certain things happening in our communities and in our country that


After Doug Jones, Ajayi went on a search to look for a listing of black women who are running for office in 2018, but she was unable to find one.  That is when her brainchild was born.  She enlisted a few friends, and they compiled a listing, with the help of others, of black women throughout the country who are running for office this year.  This is simply a listing, not an endorsement that contains over 400 women throughout the country.  Log on to Blackwomeninpolitics.com for a listing of women in your state, and support anyone who is behind real change for the future of America.

If having a diverse political house and senate, or having diversity within your local elections is important to you, then start with Blackwomeninpolitics.com and begin learning about the women who will be working to make an impact in the political systems within this country.

Source: Blackwomeninpolitics.com, Awesomelyluviee.com


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Update – AT&T has announced that they will be laying off more than a thousand workers by early 2018. 600 workers in the Midwest have already been notified of their pending layoffs.


Rich people and corporations are excited about all of the money they will get to keep, they are practically trying to hand out money bags this holiday season.  On Today,  in a vote of 224-201, the House joined the senate in passing the GOP Tax Reform Bill.   This is truly a celebration for the wealthy, who are set to gain from the changes in individual and corporate taxes.  Unfortunately, the normal working guy will end up paying more in taxes in the long run.

Corporations (you may have noticed a change in atmosphere at your jobs lately) are set to enjoy the fruits of this windfall.  Once this legislation has passed and their corporate tax responsibilities are decreased from 35% to 21%, these companies are set to save billions of dollars each year.  Well some of the companies have decided that they will pass some of these saving down to the little guys.  Also, these bonuses are separate from any previous agreements, so if employees were scheduled to receive their regular yearly bonuses, now they can expect to receive two payments.

Today AT&T announced that if President Trump signs the bill before Christmas, they will be giving $1,000 bonuses to over 200,000 employees.  CEO Randall Stephenson said in a statement today:

“Congress, working closely with the President, took a monumental step to bring taxes paid by U.S. businesses in line with the rest of the industrialized world. This tax reform will drive economic growth and create good-paying jobs. In fact, we will increase our U.S. investment and pay a special bonus to our U.S. employees.”

Sen. Orrin Hatch: We’re all benefitting from Trump as a leader from CNBC.

After AT&T made this announcement, Comcast NBCUniversal decided they would also be handing out $1,000 bonuses to over 100,000 employees once Trump has signed and made the tax reform official.  Also following a similar commitment made by AT&T, Comcast also plans to spend money to improve its broadband plants, increase tv and film production, and expand theme parks; they are looking to spend about $50 billion over the next five years in growth and expansion projects – meaning, more jobs for the little guys.

In what many are predicting to be a trend, Wells Fargo also committed today to increase their minimum hourly wage to $15 per hour.  Fifth Third Bankcorp has committed to 13,500 bonuses and increasing minimum wage to $15 per hour.

We would urge many workers that despite the kind gesture, many of those who are not wealthy will see a decrease in their taxes in the long run, according to experts who have studied the tax plan.  Also, even with the minimum wage increase, at many of these rates, you will be making more just so the government can take more out of your pockets.  Doesn’t exactly sound like a win-win.

Companies and gearing up to see billions in savings, and they are gearing up for growth and expansion in the coming years.  If you’re the little guy right now, you should be gearing up to pay attention to the major decisions being made within your company.  You should also map out your own growth and expansion plan for yourself. Take advantage of the opportunities that will come with this new tax plan, and make sure that when some of the wealth trickles down, you are there to catch your small piece. Now, go be smart and prosper.

Source: CNBC. Newsweek

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In just 3 days, the @FCC will be voting on #NetNeutrality. Please take a moment to contact them at (202) 418-1000 and let them know that you believe all consumers should have free, open and equal access to the internet.

The FCC is days away from voting to kill NetNeutrality, but Congress can still stop them. On December 12th we’ll #BreakTheInternet to stop censorship, throttling, and extra fees: https://battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet

What’s at Stake:
1) The future of what you know as the internet today
2) In parts of the world where there is no net neutrality, where you can go on the internet and what you can do is limited; basically the internet is not wide open
3) Your internet provider may be able to block some of your favorite websites if they choose to do so
4) Internet providers may be able to set up tolls online, making it harder to get the services you use today for free
5) Entrepreneurs and startups have used the open web to create businesses. Without net neutrality, this may limit the growth of startups
6) Without Net Neutrality, providers can block websites, slow services, and put certain customers into slow and fast lanes of the internet

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Killer Nike never lied! During the #STANDWITHATLANTA rally for Keisha Lance Bottoms, he gave kudos to the city of Atlanta for not being gentrified like so many cities around the country. In Keisha Bottoms’ effort to become the next Mayor of Atlanta, Killer Mike made an inspiring speech about how her and people like her are the heart of Atlanta, a product of Atlanta, and how the city needs to back her and push their best products forward!

“When you land in Atlanta, you see an all black crew working. when you check in a hotel, you see black boys grabbing your bags. And if you never traveled anywhere you don’t see that every where. When you got the 3rd most corporations than any city in the united states and you a black city that means something. That’s not Detroit, that’s not Compton, that’s not Watts, that’s not rebuilding or gentrified like all the rest. That means you stayed your place and you made it! Then you take the product of what made, and how dare you put her up against someone else and say prove yourself. She’s a product of Collier Heights, she’s a product of Frederick Douglas, a product of FAMU. You can’t keep going on TV and say “Trump, treat us right”, if you don’t put your best products forward!

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