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It’s prom season again, and like every other year we are seeing your beautiful teens plastered across the internet with their amazing prom dresses for 2018. Similar to past years, there are some teens that want their prom fashions and experience to stand out. These teens decided to use their creativity this prom season and we are here for it! Here are some of our favorite creative looks for 2018:

Skyler Branch Celebrating Black Girl Magic

Skyler Branch, of White Station High School in Memphis decided she wanted to honor black women this year. After the passing of her dad’s grandmother, she wanted to honor her relative in a major way. Her prom dress pays homage to black women in music, politics, Hollywood, and her family. If you look closely you will find her grandmother, aunt, her mom, Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama Harriett Tubman, and Betsey Coleman. Her dress has gone viral and hot the attention of Toni Braxton and Taraji P. Henson. Her message: “Don’t try to fit in with what’s fitting in.”

Alexandrea Clark was Casket Sharp

Never seen anyone look this happy in a Casket before, but Alexandrea Clark, who is interested in becoming a Funeral Director, showed up to prom in a casket.  Alexandrea sent Twitter into a tizzy, leaving from the funeral home to her high school, in a shiny new casket.  Alexandrea has been planning this for two years.


Cutout Michael B

So we are not sure of the name of this young lady, but we must say she has spunk and determination.  She was determined to take Michael B Jordan to her prom, and damnit – she made it happen.  Even if it was merely a cardboard copy of his image, she made it happen!

Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion

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Despite What We Already Know, Women Continue To Get Butt Injections

It’s strange that you would need to tell anyone in 2018, that injecting foreign substances into your body may not be a good idea. But if you won’t listen to doctors, then learn from K Michelle who is sharing the agony of trying to get butt injections removed from her body. Her experience, these injections were slowly killing her – if not killing her, taking her in the direction of being handicapped. She had complained of leg pains and swelling for a long time. Doctor’s believed that a surgery to have the materials (whatever they may be) removed were too dangerous, and she could not find a doctor that would perform the surgery. After finally finding a surgeon who agreed, she went through the removal process in January. Since then, she has been trying to recover but it has been a disturbing journey.

The types of shots that K Michelle had injected are the illegal shots that many women, especially in the music industry, have had. Even Cardi B has admitted that she went to the basement of a woman’s house in New York to have her injections done. She said it was a traumatic experience, and later learned that woman was arrested for killing a woman due to complications from the same injections.

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At 34 years old K Michelle revealed that she could barely walk post surgery; she was simultaneously on a 26 city tour and was using steroids to walk and keep down an infection. 4 times after stage performances, she was rushed to the emergency room. She goes on to say:

“I later found out the silicone had spread and I would be rushed back into surgery. Last Wednesday, I entered surgery barely functioning with my legs and an infection. The surgery to remove all of this from me lasted a long 6 hours….

…I have the most skilled and amazing reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills and I’m blessed to be here.  It hurts my heart to know there are girls out here who can’t afford to have the best and are just sitting around in pain and infection.  I thought I was strong  but this changed my life.”

Even after the 2nd surgery, she had to be rushed to the ER again for 2 blood transfusion.  Now the 34 year old songstress is in therapy so that she can walk and heal.

We all know how risky surgeries can be performed by a certified doctor, but the thought that women are going into random’s strangers homes and basements to get foreign substances injected into their bodies is still troubling.  Hopefully, people will learn from her frightening experience, and we wish her well.  Visit  @kmichellemusic on Instagram to read her entire post.


Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion

Lately, we have been seeing an influx of robots and virtual reality figures filling up our timelines on social media. These engineered creations are all the craze, whether they’re being built in order to replace all of our jobs in ten years, for sexual purposes, or just to make our lives easier – humans seem to have a fascination with the virtual world. Now, the fashion world is going crazy over the newest high fashion supermodel; she’s black, she’s beautiful, and she’s the world’s first 3D Digital Supermodel. Some people are loving her, but some black women aren’t really feeling her.

Her name is Shudu and she already has over 90 thousand Instagram followers. No lie, at first glance I thought she was an actual person. The artist/photographer, Cameron James Wilson, did an amazing job creating this piece of art; and each digital image he creates of her takes approximately three days; and weeks of planning. But, here are a few reasons why some people believe we don’t need a virtual black model.

Shudu has already been in a Fenty Beauty Campaign.

That’s right, the digital image is now taking work from real women.  Well actually, the money would be going into the hands of her creator.  With the launch of this 3D model, will actual models have to start worrying about 3D graphics taking their jobs?


Cameron James Wilson is a white man that created this black virtual woman

Shudu Gram Instagram

Wilson, a photographer and an artist is a white man.  No one can deny his talent and skill, however, people are tripping that a white man will be making revenue from the features and looks of black women.  The thought of this work going to a 3D drawing and her owner, instead of a real person has many upset.  Seems like a slap-in-the-face that an industry that already lacks in providing jobs to women of color, especially darker skinned women, will now accept a 3D image of a woman, but a white man will be paid for the imagery.  Is this digital slavery?

Shudu’s look is inspired by actress Lupita Nyongo and super-model Alek Wek, along with a South African Barbie doll.

Don’t you hate when someone says their work was “inspired by”….just say you stole their look and now you’re making money off of it!

Shudu also has a male counterpart, Nfon.

Shudu Gram Instagram

Nfon is fine yall – i know, i know he’s a 3D image, but i’m just saying.  While some are worried that these digital images will begin to take jobs from actual models – others see it as an opportunity to open some doors.  Fashion designers will see the true beauty in these images and hire more black models – but, only time will tell.


Cameron Wilson is a photographer. Why not just hire dark-skinned female models and assist them in elevating their careers?

Shudu Gram Instagram

That’s the question many are asking, especially in an industry where women who look like Shudu are more disenfranchised than other models. High-fashion modeling is a mostly white industry.  Many are wondering why Wilson just doesn’t hire actual black models.

However, some are saying Wilson is not just a photographer, he is an artist; no one has the right to tell him how to creatively express himself.

Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion

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Another fashionably fabulous Charleston Fashion Week has ended, and its another one for the history books.  Luckily, The Syllabus was able to take in some of the glitz and glamour of this year’s five day fashion event, underneath the tents in Marion Square. The weather was perfect, the bubbly was poppin, the DJs were lit, and it was truly a fashion extravaganza.

photo credit: Syllabus Magazine

But, we all gathered under the tents for one reason only, to see who would take home the crown in the 2018 Emerging designer competition! This year’s diverse pool of designers brought the heat, but there was only one who would reign as the fashion Queen (or King). That Queen’s name is Tygerian Burke and she’s from Charlotte, North Carolina!

Tygerian designs high-end, womens clothing and she describes her designs as “Timeless, Sleek, Seductive, Feminine, and Detailed.” Check out some of her fab looks below from her clothing line Tygerian Lace Clothing:

Yes Tygerian! Detailed, feminine, and beautiful – her pieces slay! And, because she slays, Tygerian took home the crown and a $10,000 check from Lexus of Charleston Fashion Week!

Charlotte, North Carolina should be proud; hopefully we will get to see Tygerian take her fashion from the tents of Charleston, to fashion boutiques across the globe. In the meantime, follow her on Instagram at Tygerian Lace; Congrats Tygerian!

Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion

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Swimsuits for All

With all the recent cold weather, it only feels right to put our focus, hopes and dreams into the upcoming changing of seasons.  Looking forward to the warm weather, beaches, sun, and spring/summer fashion; and what better way to get our hopes up than with a beautiful collection of swimsuits for the beach this summer.  Fashion blogger and designer GabiFresh,  took us to the jungles of Belize and served us to the gods of fashion with her new swimwear collection for Resort 2018 with Swimsuits For All.

This campaign isn’t just any typical style and fashion photoshoot, this launch is the very definition of power, strength, and survival.  Not only do we see a beautiful group of women with curves and definition that you wouldn’t typically see in a swimsuit campaign, we see women whose personal stories are tales of resilience.  The shoot features GabiFresh of course, breast cancer survivor Ericka Hart, and model/actress Philomena Kwao who has her own personal stories of struggle and triumph.

This collection is inspired by powerful women and features bold designs, so I really wanted the imagery to reflect that. Philomena and Ericka are both gorgeous with inspirational stories—they truly embody how I want my swimsuits to make people feel. I hope this campaign helps women realize they deserve to feel good about themselves in swimwear, regardless of size, shape, race or circumstance.” – Gabi Fresh

Casting Call

The best part is, you can be a part of this dope movement. GabiFresh is looking for fresh, new faces; in collaboration with Swimsuits For All. They are in search of nine strong, resilient, and beautiful women for her an upcoming photoshoot. You must be size 10-26; the casting call will be held at Ignited Spaces, 7080 Hollywood Boulevard, FL 11, Los Angeles, CA 90028 on January 20th – 21st from 11am to 4pm to be featured in GabiFresh’s upcoming 2018 campaign. Click Here for details.

Which one is your fave?😍😍😍 #linkinbio

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Syllabus Magazine, the Carolina’s source for Music, Culture and Fashion



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