Coastal Carolina Grad Accidentally Texted His Graduation Pics To a Stranger; The...

Coastal Carolina Grad Accidentally Texted His Graduation Pics To a Stranger; The Response Is Hilarious

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The day you graduate from college after all of those long hard years of studying, working, while simultaneously trying to party and maintain your stellar GPA is a day you never forget.  For 23-year-old Justin Campbell, his graduation day memory went viral on Twitter, and made everyone smile because of a small mistake. Campbell, a recent graduate from Coastal Carolina University located in Conway, South Carolina, celebrated after his graduation ceremony by taking pictures with a friend.  When he tried forwarding those pics to his friend, he mistakenly “put a number in the wrong place”, according to his interview with Buzzfeed.


Instead of his friend receiving the picture, Columbia, South Carolina Real Estate agent, Roger Hawkins received the text. Now most would probably respond with “who dis”, “wrong number”, some other dry text, or simply ignore the mistake – but not Hawkins.  Instead, he responded with his own encouraging selfie.


Along with the selfie, Hawkins also forwarded a link to some motivational speeches – now that’s dope. Campbell stated that he thought the whole thing was funny and how he appreciated the link:  “The link was like, the icing on the cake. It’s a good link — it really is. This is really a good dude, that’s the vibe I get from him.” explains Hawkins.


The real icing on the cake however is that Campbell mistakenly published the phone number of the Carolina Real Estate Agent, and now he’s been getting text from all of his new fans on Twitter – and he’s been responding!


He’s also been taking the time to send motivational messages to other graduates.


As far has keeping in contact with Campbell, Hawkins told Buzzfeed he is sure he will keep in touch,  “How could you not, you know?” he said. “I would love to, like, see what he does.”  Campbell went on to send a shout out to all of his new fans on Twitter, along with another encouraging sentiment: “Kindness is contagious.”


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