Dayanna Volitich, White Nationalist Podcaster and Public School Teacher Has Been Removed

Dayanna Volitich, White Nationalist Podcaster and Public School Teacher Has Been Removed

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The Florida, public school teacher Dayanna Volitich, 25 (yes I said 25), was exposed on last week for running an Alt-right podcast called, “Unapologetic”.  On her podcast she promotes her views and talks about how she spreads her personal views in the classroom.

The most amusing things about her podcast is how these women discuss being covert. They talk a big game, and they sound tough on this audio, but they are committed to not being vocal about their views, being covert, being sly, and creeping into the schools and taking the institutions back. They even bragged about their “closet listeners”. This is what makes people hard to trust. There are so many people walking around pretending; they are snakes.  Many people are bold enough to be open about who they really are.

Check out the sound bites and statements below.

“We need more people on our side who would be more committed to being teachers. They don’t have to be vocal about their views. But get in there; be more covert and start taking over those places (schools & colleges)….we have to take those institutions back. Children are very important, communists always new that; they always wanted the minds of children”

“ive had a couple of instances where parents were concerned. I had one at the beginning of this year who emailed the principle over my head. She said “i’m worried that your teacher is injecting political bias into her teaching” and the principle came to me and was like ‘i’m not worried; should I be worried” and i’m like “no” (laughs). She believed me and she backed off, and I haven’t heard anything since.”

Since Volitich has been exposed by a Huffington Post reporter, she’s been removed from the school because of her podcast, and is under investigation.

This just further drives the conversation of why it is so important to get children involved in the political process now. Talk to your kids so that they understand what is right, and what is wrong. They have to start early in being able to comprehend if someone is making an attempt to brainwash them; even within the walls of a place that is supposed to be innocent – the classroom.

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