Is Charleston, S.C. slowly becoming another Atl? hmm…

Is Charleston, S.C. slowly becoming another Atl? hmm…

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 10. The Party Culture Once upon a time, Charleston, SC was only popping on the weekends (barely). These days you can find a party on any side of town, any day of the week. Money Making Mondays, $2 Tuesdays, Wild Out Wednesdays… you get my drift

. 9. People Not Born here More and more people are migrating to Charleston, SC for different reasons. Maybe they are here for college, perhaps they are here to for better job opportunities, for example many of the people who work at Boeing. Either way , similar to residents of Atlanta, Charleston is becoming inundated with people from other places…which is a good thing.

 8. Gay Population Ok, don’t get sensitive. You know Atlanta is widely known for its acceptance of gays and the high number of homosexual males living in the city. Well Charleston is slowly becoming a melting pot well. Don’t act like its not true. Besides, here at Syllabus, we love everyone…

 7. High End Real Estate If you have watched shows like the Real Housewives of ATL, you noticed that some of the well-to-do ladies on that show have some pretty nice homes. There are many celebs that live in ATL and there lots of prestigious neighborhoods, but if you look around Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas, you will find the same thing. Check out the Ion in Mt. Pleasant, or go over the bridge to Daniel Island , hell just go downtown on the battery. Charleston does it big as well.

 6. Tourism There was a time where everyone wanted to travel to ATL …for what, I’m not exactly sure. But in 2012 46,476 readers voted in this year’s Conde Nast Traveller Reader’s Choice awards and decided that Charleston, SC in the US was the best city in the world with a score of 86.7 out of 100. Hey..i’m just the messenger.

 5. Concerts Of course ATL is like the little hip-hop Motown of the South. Artists are born and bred there. But last year alone, more so than the past, many big names have hit up the city several times throughout the year, including Wiz, 2 Chainz, even Elton John! Artists love Charleston!

 4. Traffic Man! ATL is notoriously known for its annoying traffic, but Try driving down I-26 at 8:00 am , right past the Ashley Phosphate exit. Try coming down Dorchester Rd or Rivers Ave at 5pm… ughh!

 3. Income I know this is hard to believe but it can be verified on . Many people say they are moving to larger cities like Charlotte/ATL/etc to make more money, or perhaps for better opportunities. But based on the most available census data the median household income for residents in Atlanta is $49,981. The median household income in Charleston, SC $47,942. I know. I was shocked by how close the numbers are. So if you are going to make the move, hope its based on something more than money, because you will be surprised how many other cities are right around the same median income. And they say people In Charleston aren’t making money…

 2. Music Music, not only the concerts but the number of artists here who are on a daily grind to make a name for themselves. Hip-hop, pop and rock bands, vocalists, even religious choirs from this city have displayed some of the best talent the state, even the country has to offer. The underground music scene is definitely buzzing, local bands and solo vocalists throughout the city have been able to make a great living, living their dreams.

 1. Fashion Had a hard time choosing between music and fashion as number 1. The fashion culture in Charleston, SC has really boomed and I believe we have Charleston Magazine and its team and staff to thank for that. Fashion week here in Charleston has become iconic, and Charleston has become nationally recognized for its fashion, designers and shopping. You don’t need to go to Atlanta anymore to find style, just go around the corner if you live in Charleston. Also, with the Art institute and various other forms of creative entrepreneurship in Charleston, we have surpassed Atlanta on the runway.

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