Killer Mike Applauds The City of Atlanta for Not Being Gentrified; Tells...

Killer Mike Applauds The City of Atlanta for Not Being Gentrified; Tells Atlanta to Stand with Keisha Lance Bottoms

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Killer Nike never lied! During the #STANDWITHATLANTA rally for Keisha Lance Bottoms, he gave kudos to the city of Atlanta for not being gentrified like so many cities around the country. In Keisha Bottoms’ effort to become the next Mayor of Atlanta, Killer Mike made an inspiring speech about how her and people like her are the heart of Atlanta, a product of Atlanta, and how the city needs to back her and push their best products forward!

“When you land in Atlanta, you see an all black crew working. when you check in a hotel, you see black boys grabbing your bags. And if you never traveled anywhere you don’t see that every where. When you got the 3rd most corporations than any city in the united states and you a black city that means something. That’s not Detroit, that’s not Compton, that’s not Watts, that’s not rebuilding or gentrified like all the rest. That means you stayed your place and you made it! Then you take the product of what made, and how dare you put her up against someone else and say prove yourself. She’s a product of Collier Heights, she’s a product of Frederick Douglas, a product of FAMU. You can’t keep going on TV and say “Trump, treat us right”, if you don’t put your best products forward!

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