Luvii Ajayi & Three Friends Created A Database Listing Black Women Running...

Luvii Ajayi & Three Friends Created A Database Listing Black Women Running for Office in 2018

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We have an important political season in front of us this year; midterm elections are predicted to be brutal with the balance of power up for grabs in many precincts.  This interesting season in politics will have Republicans answering for some of their current policies, which will make it difficult to convince some much-needed swing voters.  Democrats in turn, will have to also answer for their failures and internal fighting as they recover from the last election.   What we do not want to see however, is the same names and faces we see year to year, running for the same positions. We are not interested in seeing the same people getting elected every year, that haven’t been able to get much done within our communities. Because of the difficulty that comes along with casting your vote for ‘right person’, it is really amazing to see Luvii Ajayi and three of her friends,  Sili Recio, Lucrecer Braxton and Candace Jones band together to create a listing of black women who are running for political office in 2018.  Ajayi came up with the idea after realizing how black women came to the polls in support of Doug Jones in Alabama; she stated,

“The day after the Alabama elections between Roy Moore and Doug Jones, America got one more confirmation that Black women are superheros who save the day time and time again. 96% of Black women who voted showed up to vote for Doug Jones, who wasn’t even someone we loved. We just chose to partake in harm reduction so the proven pedophile, Roy Moore, who was endorsed by Mango Mussolini, would not win. Their votes made all the difference, as 63% of white women showed up to vote for the devil.”

Why is it important to have a listing of black, female candidates running for office? Let’s face it, if black women can come together to defeat a candidate, who would have won without their votes, then we can come together to make sure we have the same power electing our fellow sisters in office. Look at the current state of America – just look at it!  There are certain things happening in our communities and in our country that


After Doug Jones, Ajayi went on a search to look for a listing of black women who are running for office in 2018, but she was unable to find one.  That is when her brainchild was born.  She enlisted a few friends, and they compiled a listing, with the help of others, of black women throughout the country who are running for office this year.  This is simply a listing, not an endorsement that contains over 400 women throughout the country.  Log on to for a listing of women in your state, and support anyone who is behind real change for the future of America.

If having a diverse political house and senate, or having diversity within your local elections is important to you, then start with and begin learning about the women who will be working to make an impact in the political systems within this country.



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