Meet The “Million Dollar Tigers”: More Than 40 Students Earned over $80...

Meet The “Million Dollar Tigers”: More Than 40 Students Earned over $80 Million in Scholarships

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No one knows the details of what they’re doing down at Whitehaven, in Memphis, TN; but whatever it is, they need to bottle it up and sell it to other school districts around the country.  This school has proven with the support of parents, and a strong, proactive force of teachers and school officials – kids can be highly successful!


We can all use some good news and this story is sure to make you proud.  They’ve been deemed the “Million Dollar Tigers”, and this group of students have rightfully earned that amazing title.  Schools in the south often get a bad rap regarding academics, but Whitehaven High School is proving it’s not about where you are; it’s about where you want to go.


Whitehaven is the first school in the nation to host an academic signing day to celebrate the school’s scholarship record.  The graduating class of 2017 managed to earn over $80 million in scholarships!  According to reports from Channel 5 Action News, the excitement throughout this school is overwhelming.

One of the top scholars, Zariah Nolan, earned $9.4 in scholarship funds; she is headed to the prestigious Dillard University this fall.  Nolan, who credits her single mom for her success had this to say to all of the naysayers, “Everyone like says, ‘Oh you can’t do it. You’re telling me I can’t do it; Watch me do it!”

These students have become viral sensations across the internet for all the right reasons! More than 40 Tigers are headed to colleges and universities across the country.  As they were celebrated, the Superintendent Dorsey Hopson applauded these kids, and their parents, who have obviously been at the core of their success.

Source: ABC News


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