North Charleston Police Chief Burgess Puts Boots On The Ground Today To...

North Charleston Police Chief Burgess Puts Boots On The Ground Today To Stop Senseless Murders In North Charleston

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Today, Chief Reggie Burgess took to the corner of Leeds Avenue and Dorcester road to protest the senseless violence that has been plaguing North Charleston for many years. After the murder of an 18 year old male Friday night (the young man’s mother is also a member of Royal Baptist Church; the same Church as the Chief); Chief Burgess, who has barely been in his new position for a month, stated he felt like he had to do something.

“I went to the ministerial alliance meeting a couple of weeks ago, and the ministers realized we had 35 homicides in 2017, and they realized in those murders no one stood up and no one said anything was wrong when they happened. I thought about it and I came out here today. I’m going to let folks know that I’m not going to sit back and say its ok, its alright. We got to stand up and this is my way of standing up!”

Chief Burgess says that it is going to take the community and the police working together in order to make the streets safer.  He also stated that people have to find ways to be disagreeable without resorting to violence.  Take a moment to watch the 2nd video below, and then ask yourself what can you do to make our streets safer?


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