Shondell Williamson is Using Her Scars to Warn Other Women to Leave...

Shondell Williamson is Using Her Scars to Warn Other Women to Leave Abusive Relationships NOW!

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The story of Shondell Williamson has become a real-life nightmare to many women across the world.  These women are not only victims of domestic violence, they are victims of what social media has deemed “the fragility of the male ego”.  With this fragility comes, jealousy, hate and violence.  These domestic violence victims are members of an unfortunate class of women who have been scarred by their abusers for life – both internally and externally. They are acid-attack survivors, and they have joined forces for one cause only – to tell women to leave abusive relationships NOW!

In Williamson’s case, this 26-year-old mother of two boys did leave her abuser, 34-year-old Alfred DeYounge.  However, months after the breakup, DeYounge disguised himself as a woman and stood outside of his ex’s home.  Williamson had just had a conversation with DeYounge, where he made it seem as if he was at home.  As she approached the “woman” outside her home, she slowly realized it was her ex, carrying a white bowl. Inside this white bowl was a corrosive substance that he threw on her, thereafter quickly escaping in a nearby car.  Williamson was rushed to the hospital, given a bath and treated for injuries which included first degree burns to her face, hands and abdomen. She was also unable to open her left eye, and at the time it was unclear if the eye was damaged.

Shondell Williamson warns women who are currently in a place where she once some words of encouragement, she warns, “just dont stay any longer, just get out of it fast.”  She also has words for men and young boys who suffer from a violent and fragile male ego, “we are like your mothers, if you don’t raise your hand to your mother, why are you raising your hand to your woman”, she asks?

Unfortunately, this type of attack against women is not new.  Acid attacks against women are happening all over the world.  There is even a campaign #SkillsNotScars that helps acid attack victims to find work.  Once these women’s faces have been destroyed by men they thought loved him, many of these women suffer financially because their scars make it difficult for them to find work.  The organization, Skills Not Scars empowers women and gives a platform for employment.

#SkillsNotScars is empowering acid attack survivors by helping them get jobs.

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Although this horrific act of violence was committed against Shondell Williamson, she continues to be positive, she believes she is a living testimony and that God has spared her life for a reason. It is obvious that her life will be used to save other women who are victims, or potential victims of this type of violence.

Thank you Shondell.

Click here to find out more about the #SkillsNotScars organization and how you can help. 

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