Since America Currently Doesn’t Have a Real President ; Backup Presidents Pull...

Since America Currently Doesn’t Have a Real President ; Backup Presidents Pull Up To Help Puerto Rico

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Since The United States of America is currently lacking in leadership, sound judgement, and morality – we had to officially call in the troops.

The United States and Caribbean islands have been torn apart by three category 5 hurricanes within the past 2 months. Getting aid to some of these areas has been challenging, especially in the Caribbean where there are logistical blocks, along with political blocks. Today, we learned that Donald Trump denied Puerto Rico’s request to waive the Jones Act, which it did for Harvey and Imra in Texas and Florida. This denial keeps a restriction on help in getting supplies to storm victims.

The Jones Act Limits shipping between foreign coasts to U.S. flagged vessels, but typically during the wake of tragic storms, the government will occasionally issue a temporary waiver to allow cheaper, tax free, more readily available foreign ships. Only this time, when it came to our family in Cuba, Trump and the American government did not agree that a temporary waiver would help.

But just as Americans started to get pissed off, in rode the cavalry – Presidents Carter, Obama, Clinton, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. urged Americans to continue to donate. A Tweet from President Obama lit up Twitter, letting us know they are expanding their Hurricane relief efforts to Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Island.

So, while that guy that sits in the White House worries about ratings and NFL players, our former, living Presidents of the United States have stepped up to do what Americans do best – help those in need.


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