South Hadley High School Students Come Together To Protest Racist Student; We...

South Hadley High School Students Come Together To Protest Racist Student; We Stand With You

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Students at South Hadley  High School, in South Hadley, Massachusetts are coming together to show their disappointment in another student that decided to go on a racist rant on Snap Chat.  With the rise of social media, we have been seeing this hatred across the country and it is becoming more blatant; people are feeling more emboldened since the new President of the United States has been elected.  From east to west coast, from the University of South Carolina to South Hadley High School, young people have had to endure, racist, evil behavior in a time where many deemed America  to be post racial.

At South Hadley, students of all colors, sex and backgrounds decided to come together to inform everyone that the behavior and comments from that Snap video would not be tolerated.  Even though students faced detention from school personnel, these kids held a peaceful walk-out and silent protest against that student and her sentiments.  In the Snap video, the student said:

“Black Lives don’t matter, they should be out there picking my cotton,and they should do my [expletive] work for me. I think I’m living pretty good. Like all my friends are white, none of them are gay and we drink on the weekends, we all Juul, it’s actually a pretty good life.”

In another video she went on to say,

“I’m not a piece of sh*t, and any queer, any black person, that’s a piece of sh*t because black people literally look like sh*t”

The vulgar student’s classmates decided to ban together and hold a silent protest in order to bring attention to the fact that they are nice, united, and they do not agree with her comments.  The students wore red to represent the pain the endured after hearing the racist comments on the Snap video.

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