Syllabus Magazine Presents: Ask The Xperts!

Syllabus Magazine Presents: Ask The Xperts!

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Ask The Xpert!

We are SUPER excited to launch a new series of videos titled, Ask The Xpert! We will be speaking with young, energetic professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives and asking them some tough questions; questions that will help you in becoming a better entrepreneur, artist, creator, investor, parent  – a better YOU! This year, these young leaders will be teaching all of us varying subjects from how to start a business, politics, how to handle entrepreneurship, first time home-buying, purchasing insurance, marketing and branding…the list goes on and on!

We see the questions AND the incorrect information that is shared across the internet regularly, so we’ve decided to help you all out, and gather experts who have built their livelihoods specializing in specific fields.  With Ask The Xpert, we’ve gathered young professionals together who will answer some of the questions you have, but didn’t know who to ask or where to start!

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