Tech: Lurking on Periscope: What I’ve Learned So Far :)

Tech: Lurking on Periscope: What I’ve Learned So Far :)

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So I’ve been lurking on Periscope like a cyber stalker, just so I can understand what the heck is going on with this new platform. If you do not know what Periscope is, I encourage you to download the app to your phone and check it out. What I’ve seen so far is that EVERYONE on Periscope (at least the folks that I follow) are experts on something! Most of the people that I follow are teaching something about Periscope, branding, marketing, etc. Sounds boring right; not really. Here’s the thing, if you’re anything like me, and there is a business or idea that you haven’t mastered yet, Periscope is a great way to link with people who have been there done that, and can suggest things you can do to be better.

Yes, at the end, most of these people are trying to sell something, but don’t be annoyed at that. Many, not all, but many of these people are providing priceless advice! Often, they even allow Periscopers to ask questions, which is awesome.

Now, I haven’t started Periscoping yet, because I don’t really feel like I’m an expert on anything, BUT I do feel like a have the scoop on LOTS of things, so I will definitely be jumping on soon. But there are important rules to follow if you decide to become a Periscoper:

1) Be Picky on Periscope People! You must be picky about the people that you decide to follow. Periscope is very addictive, just like any other social media platform. Learn to follow people who are providing valuable content, but those people should also be able to VERIFY that they are valuable. If they are giving advice on how to publish a book, how many books have they written, how does their website look, etc.

2) Once you pick out the group of folks you enjoy watching, pick your TOP 5. Why? Because if you plan on being a productive individual in life, you can’t sit around all day being a spectator. As valuable as everyone’s content may be, you CAN NOT spend 3-4 or more hours per day watching Periscope broadcasts. You will find that you are being exposed to a lot of info, however, you are not putting it to use because you may be spending too much time watching videos. So pick your top 5.

3) Another time-saving tip, listen to the broadcast for 5 minutes, if it does not appeal to what you need to hear, jump off fast. It is easy to get caught up in the random chatter of the broadcaster and the viewers. Even the most interesting Periscoper can often become annoying talking to their friends during a broadcast, so use your time wisely.

4) Take notes! I cannot tell you the info I have learned from Periscopers like Tiphani Montgomery and others! These people are truly providing gems of info and if you are interested in becoming a blogger, actress, or marketing your business, then taking notes during the broadcast is a necessity.

5) Support these businesses. Look, there are many Periscopers that are giving you the inside scoops on MANY industries. They have businesses and classes, and because of the info they are providing I have found two people on Periscope that I plan on spending money to join one of their training classes. There are so many people out here that are brand managers, promoters, marketers that do not really have any proven accomplishments. However, on Periscope, you can find professionals with a long list of accomplishments, providing great advice. Because of this, save your pennies to take some of their courses and connect!

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