University of South Carolina Assures High School Students Peaceful Protests Are OK...

University of South Carolina Assures High School Students Peaceful Protests Are OK & Will Not Hinder Admissions To The School

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Students across the country are speaking out and taking action in regards to their safety and their rights to protect themselves against potential gun violence throughout American schools.  For weeks, students have been staging walkouts demanding lawmakers to take action and take a closer look at the gun laws that need to be changed.  High schools across the country have been punishing students for walkouts and peaceful protest.  Aurora high school students are facing detention, and will possibly be barred from school activities for walking out of school.  This has parent upset; many high-schoolers across the country are now concerned if peaceful protest will affect their applications and disciplinary records when trying to apply to college.  This has prompted colleges around the country to issue statements in support of these students and their American right to peacefully protest.

The University of South Carolina took to twitter to assure students that the home of Gamecocks will still welcome them, and supports them speaking out against gun violence.

“Any applicants or admitted students subject to disciplinary action solely for exercising their constitutional rights for by participating in peaceful, lawful protests should not worry about how it might impact their admissions decision.”

The Carolinian Creed is central to who we are and what we do, including when standing up for one’s beliefs in a peaceable, civil and lawful way. #UofSC applicants and admitted students, you should not be concerned about how it might impact your admission.

According to The Department of Student Affairs and Academic Support, the Carolinian Creed is to “oppose intolerance by promoting integrity within our campus community. Our common values are formed upon the foundation of our creed, which emphasizes openness and civility.”

Most high school students are not old enough to vote, therefore the only way to voice their concerns is to put into practice the core element of Martin Luther’s mission: Nonviolent resistance and Civil disobedience.  Glad to see University’s are standing in support of these future college students.

Source: University of South Carolina

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